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PSE-300B                                                                                                                                                         Technology             Specifications

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The Ypsilon PSE-300B is an amplifier that couldn’t be missing from our line of products. The 300B is a seductive tube with a legendary status to it. Recent offerings of this tube from current production are very promising and in some cases rival the legendary performance of the WE 300B.

High End Audio

A 300B amplifier made in the capacity of the PSE-300B can produce much more than just surprises. It will most certainly lure you in, to experience unlimited and pure enjoyment. Combining in house made transformers, silver internal wiring, no feedback, transformer coupled, valve rectification, one WE437A input tube and two GZ 34 rectifiers the PSE-300B is the perfect environment for the 300B tube to unfold its true potential.
Verstaerker - Roehren-Set-Verstaerker - Ypsilon PSE-300B -3 Ypsilon Logo 530x300



            Output power before clipping:                                16 W RMS @ 8&4 ohm
            Bandwith:                                12Hz -70Khz -3db
            Output Impedance:                                1,6 Ohm @ 8 Ohm TAP
                                 0,6 Ohm @ 4 Ohm TAP
            Input Impedance:                                10 Kohm
            Gain:                                X5 (14db)
            Harmonic Distortion:                                 Less than 1% @ 5W
                                  Less than 2% @ 10W
                                  Less than 2,4% @ 16W
            Dimensions (W x H x D):                                 280 x 250 x 540 mm
            Weight:  ,,,,,,,                               40 kg each