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DAC-100 D/A WANDLER                  CDT-100 CD PLAYER TRANSPORT

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Produkte - Digital - DAC-100 D-A - Vorne-schraeg

“… I have never seen anything like the Ypsilon DAC …”

” … the concordant beauty of tone that held me captive … “

” … the ultimate tube DAC to audition and invest in …“


( Constantine Soo / )

Digital - Ypsilon Digital Analog Converter DAC-100 D - A - 1 - Ypsilon Logo 530x300x2


DAC 100 is our D to A converter. It is a non – oversampling, no upsampling design with multi – bit dac chips. The carefully designed power supply is with shunt regulators. I / V conversion is done by a specially designed, built in house, transformer. Τhe analog stage uses single-ended class A transformer coupled triodes with valve rectification and choke regulation. The valves are the high mu, high transconductance, low noise SIEMENS C3g NOS tubes.

Available Inputs

There are two available inputs: – SPDIF coaxial 75 Ω with next gen connector: This input can be used with CDT – 100 or other high quality transports.- One Neutric 5 – pin analog current input. When this input is used with CDT-100 the digital part of the dac is disabled and is powered off. Only the analog section is used. With CDT-100 we strongly recommend the use of this input for optimum performance.

Digital - Ypsilon Digital Analog Converter DAC-100 D - A - 2 - Rueckseite 530x300
Digital - Ypsilon Digital Analog Converter DAC-100 D - A - 3 - Vorne schraeg 530x300


The conclusion has been reached that by using this 5-pin connector the signal is transferred to the analogue section of the DAC-100 at an absolute optimum sonic capacity avoiding all the limitations of digital interfacing. All transformers are designed and built in house using the best available materials and are wound with sophisticated techniques for a totally transparent sound. The transformers are of enormous size in order to achieve the absolute performance we seek. We believe that DAC – 100 reaches the limits of digital reproduction and can be compared only with the best analogue sources. The DAC-100 D/A converter is also 24bit/192Khz capable used in high resolution digital sources.

Awards & Reviews



              Digital Inputs:                               1 x RCA, 1 x XLR (Schaltbar)
              Analogue Current Input:                               YPSILON 5 Pin Connector
              Analogue Outputs:                               RCA unbalanced
                                XLR unbalanced(pin1,3grounded)
              Resolution:                               24 Bit (multi bit converter) / 192khz
              Nominal Output:                               2,8V rms
              Power Consumption:                               Typically 40 W
              Dimensions (WxHxD):                               400 x 180 x 400  mm
              Weight:  ,,,,,,,                             25 kg